A colourful and turbulent past has underpinned the surviving grandeur of today’s Russia, resulting in an amazingly historically rich country. However, this fiercely proud society is embracing the change which now prevails in a dynamic and fast changing destination.


  • The main vacation and tourist season for Russia are the warmest months of July and August. This also happens to coincide with the wettest time of the year when it rains practically every second day. To avoid the crowds and the rain, May and June or September and October are the best times to visit Russia.
  • Winter is bitter but beautiful and the country wears another look altogether, White Russia at its pretty, postcard best. Winter is the theatre season with many new shows premiering, sleigh rides and snowballs, Yuletide and New Year and perfect for those slugs of vodka that send the blood gushing as Russia lies covered in a blanket of snow.
  • The early autumn season finds the leaves beginning to change colour into fall hues and one may pick mushrooms and berries, or picnic along the riverbanks with just the slightest nip in the air. Spring, on the other hand, is slushy, muddy and generally depressing, not quite the time for a visit to Russia.

Holiday Highlights

  • Visit Moscow & St Petersburg
  • Moscow’s Red Square
  • Explore the Kremlin from inside
  • Overnight express sleeper train
  • Guided tour of St Petersburg
  • Art at the Hermitage
  • Pushkin’s beautiful parkland
  • Splendour of Catherine Palace
  • Golden Eagle Express