Island gems, ringed in white and floating upon crystal clear water.

Tahiti and her islands, including beautiful Moorea and Rangiroa, are scattered across the South Pacific. Touches of brilliant green, surrounded by the turquoise hue of their lagoons, giving way to coral reefs and the vast ocean blue. Romantic, idyllic and unashamedly luxurious, Tahiti, Moorea and Rangiroa offer you an abundance of sun, sea and sand in style.

Recommended Hotels

  • Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa *****
  • Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa ****

Holiday Highlights

  • Tahiti is the heart of French Polynesia. As the largest island, it is home to the international airport and also the capital, Papette. At the northern end of the island is Papeete, and beyond that are a sprinkling of islands including beautiful Moorea. Many of these islands are home to enticing resorts, each with azure lagoons, coral reefs filled with marine life and soft sand beaches. Tahiti itself is also blessed with these traits, as well as a rugged uninhabited interior, perfect for explorers and hikers, and pristine golf courses, ideal for those wanting to tee off and relax. If you’re looking for authentic souvenirs, Papeete also hosts wonderful, bustling markets and is also home of the fabled black pearl and those with a penchant for these iridescent treasures can find them in all shapes, colours and sizes in Tahiti.
  • Moorea is a smaller island, off the west coast of Tahiti, Its snorkeling is fantastic, with many colourful fish and stingrays, amongst other marine life, living close to the shore. Moorea is also home to Opunohu Bay and Cook’s Bay - the latter of which is a hub of local life with shops, restaurants and stunning views. If you’re in the north of the island, near the bays, you are also perfectly placed for hiking up to some of the incredible viewpoints in the interior of the island. Those in the south can also travel to hike as nothing is that far on this little island, but the south is perfect for those with a love of the water as marine life and watersports are more prevalent down here.
  • North of Tahiti, you'll find Rangiroa, a small island famed for its great diving and snorkelling sites. If, for you, a holiday is all about spending as much time in the water as possible, then Rangiroa is the place for you. Here you can find dolphins, sharks, turtles and at certain times of the year, manta rays and hammerhead sharks. Whilst many of the beaches are coral based, there are some white sand beaches and the pink sand beach at Les Sables Roses. Reef Island is also well worth a visit as it has a collection of raised coral outcrops formed over 4 million years. Parasailing, fishing and other watersports are also readily available.